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Whether for multi-tenant office buildings, medical laboratories, or single-tenant facilities, we offer the janitorial services that make a difference.


Bring your vinyl and hardwood flooring back to life when you contact our team for floor maintenance you can always depend on.


Create an excellent first impression by ensuring your carpets are always clean and presentable with carpet cleaning from BCI Janitorial.

*** Established Since 1992 ***

Who We Are

You'll forget everything you knew about clean once you see what the professionals at BCI Janitorial are capable of. Located in Carrollton, Texas, our cleaning company provides the highest level of focus and attention to detail when it comes to commercial office cleaning, floor care maintenance and commercial carpet cleaning service. Minority/Woman owned 100%.

Since opening our doors in 1992 and expanding into the Houston market in 2003, our family-owned-and-operated janitorial business utilizes technology to maximize quality and efficiency. For example, voice verification attendance logging via the internet to ensure remote job site crews do not "run in and run out". Also, we have GPS trackers on our operation managers and floor maintenance vehicles to verify QA inspections and work order executions. We follow up to verbal and written requests or concerns via email to provide a record of our dialogue with our clients. We go to great lengths to establish and preserve trust from clients by maintaining accountability.

What Makes Us Different

Your work environment is an important factor in your productivity, job satisfaction, and even your health. It also makes a first impression on clients and customers – and you want to project an organized, clean and pleasant atmosphere.

BCI Janitorial works with you to put your best face forward upon every first impression and beyond. When clients return time and time again, they will consistently find your office looking clean, competent  and professional.

Our comprehensive cleaning team stands out among the competition! Our family-owned janitorial company provides all of our clients with:

·       Unbeatable service standards

·       Respectful team members who are focused on results

·       Promptness

·       Trust that comes with an insured business

·       High safety records

·       Trained cleaning teams

·       Cleaning procedures so that no short cuts are taken

·       Voice verification attendance logging of remote workers to ensure work crews meet our high standards

·       Written records of all client communication to maintain accountability

·       Quality control measures

·       Help desk always available for scheduling changes and to answer questions

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