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Comprehensive Commercial Floor Maintenance

In a competitive market, having clean, presentable floors is critical. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! Unsightly floor work lowers morale, increases health risk and potentially be the deal-breaker for visitors to your facility. Display how much you care to potential clients, employees, and VIP's by utilizing BCI Janitorial headquartered in Carrollton, TX to do your floor cleaning. BCI's commercial floor cleaning services include tile floor cleaning, concrete floor cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning, industrial floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, wood floor cleaning and natural stone floor cleaning.

Vinyl Composition Tile- VCT Cleaning (Stripping & Waxing)

Floor Waxing - Floor Care

We are available to facility managers of commercial buildings, property managers of professional offices, district operation managers of retail facilities and general contractors for new construction cleaning. When you contract us to be your VCT cleaners, you made the right choice. Our first step is strip clean the tile floor. Once bare we apply fresh new coats of finish best suited to your environment. 

Afterward, floor buffing is done with high-speed buffers to create the wet-look luster of waxed vinyl floors.Please note: when VCT is properly scrubbed on a scheduled basis the need to strip down the floor is eliminated. A scrub and re-coat is best instead. The cost is more economical since floor wax stripper is not used making less wax necessary. The additional application of wax on a freshly scrubbed floor will make co-workers appreciate what you do for them by using BCI Janitorial for your floor cleaning needs.

Rates & Requirements

Our flat rate is $0.30 per square foot. This covers 1,000 square feet. Anything less tan 1,000 square feet falls within our minimum service call fee of $300.00. Volume discounts may apply, dependent on size and job characteristics.

Contact us today to schedule a deep cleaning and wax for your vinyl or hardwood flooring.